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Get coached with basic skills including basic gripping technique, footwork, serve, strokes and stance. This team is a very first step for your kid to get introduced to sport of badminton also first step towards improving and getting promoted to higher level teams.


Learn proper technique/quality of shots including (length of rally, power, placement/accuracy and creativity), reduce errors, improve on quality of footwork (agility and coverage), physical endurance and mentality.

Team A

The goal is to see our students compete on Frisco Badminton’s Junior Competition Team! A minimum of 4 days of training per week is required for our junior competition students to qualify for this program. designed for our committed students who compete in many junior national level tournaments with having goals of qualifying for international competitions such as World Juniors, Pan Am and Youth Olympic Games and eventually qualifying for olympics and world championship to represent the national team.

Team B

This programme is designed to help kids polish their skills physically technichally and mentally and excel in their game. Students who are promoted from intermediate and are ages 8 to 10 come into this group. Students from this group are our future Team A prospects.

Team C

This programme is designed to serve our students to pursue badminton as an elective sport in school and to keep a healthy dynamic lifestyle. Students who are promoted from Intermediate team and are ages 10 and above come into this group.

Gold Quest

Designed to serve children from ages six to eight, this program is aimed at hand-picking young talent from the community and nurture them to get competition ready in about 2 to 3 year's time. Children chosen to join this program have moderate to good hand and eye coordination skills and are fairly athletic. This programme is considered to be a turbo starter program for children to eventually transform into our future competition (TEAM A) players, this level is one of the best offerings at FBA for young children aspiring to grow with badminton as a key aspect of their sporting life.


Badminton Elite Players

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Badminton Elite Player

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Badminton Elite Player

Della Augustia Surya

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